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Club meeting
s are the first Thursday of every month (except December) at Hawks Prairie Restaurant. Meetings start at 7:00pm. We always welcome guests, and if you'd like to become a member, bring a completed Membership Form with you to the meeting or mail it to: Mustangs West
PO BOX 5876
Lacey, WA 98509
Dues are $25/family or $20/single member.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

Mustangs West is also a Regional Club of Mustangs West of America. Check out some of the reasons Why You Should Be a Member of Mustang Club of America
Mustangs West was founded in 1988. Thirty-six people attended the first meeting and by August of 1989, membership had risen to 54. Today’s club has 60 plus families enjoying their Mustangs and the friendship of their fellow Mustangers. While most of our members are likely to be found at car shows, we have some who enjoy testing their skills and their car's abilities at local performance driving events. Another favorite pastime is cruising to some of the attractive locales of Washington State, including, but not limited to, Mt. St. Helens, Long Beach and Crystal Mountain. Guests are always welcome on our cruises, whether from another club, or just someone who likes to go for a drive in their Mustang with other Pony Car owners for a day.

Additionally, you will find members and their cars in parades for Memorial Day, Lakefair, 4th of July, and Veterans Day, with dignitaries of various groups ranging from mayors of the Capital area cities to Veterans of our Armed Forces riding with club members.

The month of September brings our club's annual car show, "Ponies in the Park" held at Huntamer Park in Lacey, where we have around 200 friends of clubs from Canada to Portland show up to bid the summer good-bye!

We also sponsor various charities with funds raised from our car show, including but not limited to the Thurston County Food Bank.

Other activities include picnics, a progressive dinner, and a fun Christmas Party complete with gifts!

Mustangs West is a group of people who enjoy the ownership or entertain future ownership of America's original, and best, Pony Car. We are a diverse collection of enthusiasts who enjoy a variety of activities including car shows, cruises, racing, and restoring or modifying our Ponies. Interested in spending some time with fellow Mustang enthusiasts? Check out our membership information!

Mustangs West is a Regional Club of Mustang Club of America. Check out some of the reasons Why You Should Be A Member of Mustang Club Of America!!

2014 Club Officers:
Bryan McQuirk, President
Paula Leap, Vice President
Cynthia Murray, Secretary
Signe Middling, Treasurer

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